Fri, Mar 6 2009 9:49
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1 1/2 days ago i clicked a link in the Candice Mea thread. The link took me to a page with pics of the young lady and also a world of computer pain. A pop-over window appeared, warning me that I needed some form of whatever they were selling, blah, blah whatever. Then Spybot and my antivirus programs started lighting my screen up like a christmas tree. A program called Zito Tools downloaded itself right through my layers of spyware and antivirus software. This program then shut off system restore, taskmanager, and who knows what else. I have not had a problem with my computer in over 4 years, and this thing walked in through Firefox like it owned the place. I have spent the last 1 1/2 days trying to nurse my computer back to life, and I am still not there yet, I write this from a secondary computer. The dll files and regestry changes that this thing creates are not even listed on Google or known to any of the major PC help forums. I have largely been on my own in trying to rid myself of this thing. In talking to some of the techies at a local University, they said this has been spreading in the last few days, is probably a game over event, complete dump and reformat. If you see this behavior an your computer, your best bet is to disconnect from internet as fast as you can, pull the cable out, unplug your computer, whatever it takes!!! So there you have my tale of woe, be careful out there!Sad

Fri, Mar 6 2009 9:55
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[quote user="aquasled"]

1 1/2 days ago i clicked a link in the Candice Mea thread. [/quote]

Please give us the link and post-date which caused the problems in the Candice Mia thread.

Fri, Mar 6 2009 10:06
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I am sorry I don't remember which link exactly, it was the third or forth down the page, newest to oldest, and like the second link in that post. Everything blew up so quckly from there,and I got real busy.Confused

Wed, Mar 18 2009 10:30
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Just an update on what truly infected my computer. Originally I thought that Zito Tool was the problem, it tried to load itself, and my anti spyware stopped it. The problem came from a virus that resides in the executable file of Zito Tool. The virus is known as Win32Virut. This is an extremely invasive critter that places itself in every single .exe file on your computer. It also infects .scr file(screesavers), saved .htm or .php files(offline webpages).Tis virus can also inhabat webpages without the host imediate knowledge(I'm no expert on webpages, but I'm guessing that it infects the .php and .htm). In researhing this virus, it has variations from A to L, and a few others besides. My particular form was Win32Virut.gen. It's signature executable file is reader_s.exe, which it places in your regestry and several other locations. DO NOT ALLOW YOUR ANTI-VIRUS PROGRAMS TO TRY TO REMOVE THIS VIRUS. Because the virus infects every .exe file on your computer, it infects critical run functions. Your anti-virus progarm will quarentine them and your computer will shut down. On reboot you will not be able to access your desktop, even in safe mode. Your best bet is to backup any valuable files to dvd or cd, do not save any program file or any files that have .exe, .php, .htm, or .scr extensions, they are infected and will reinfect your computer after you reinstall them. Speaking of reinstalls, that is where this whole thing evetually leads, to rid yourself of this baddy requires a full reformatting of your harddrive, and a reinstall of Windows. It can infect all verions of Windows.It looks like all the major anti-virus companies are have a hard time with this one, so be careful out there.Thumbs up!

Mon, May 18 2009 1:58
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Spywaredoctor will get rid of it, but you have to pay for it. I think it was like 40 bucks and it gives you a years worth of service. It is actually a good program but it uses a lot of memory if you run it in the background. Now, I just run it about every 2 weeks and it does pretty good.
Wed, Jun 10 2009 4:41
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get help with these guys. real computer pro's who have fixed every virus/malware on my pc ever had. they will not stop till its gone.


register and log your problem into the malware forums.

Sat, Jul 4 2009 12:40
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I had something get through Firefox, AVG and my firewall a few days ago, didn't notice it until a restart when every helpbox of every program would open over and over until my 4GB of memory was full, computer would not function, restore said it could not restore, I was able to get online to try a few differn't online scanners to find the bad guy but the computer would stop responding before the scan finished, lucky I keep all my good stuff on a seperate drive and I keep a good Image saved for just such emergencys so I was able to reformat and re-image the drive.


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