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Thu, Sep 8 2005 13:46
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does there exists a good alternative search side like ->


Fri, Sep 9 2005 1:13
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askjolene is the best IMO, I also used to use wahoothumbs, but haven't for quite some time.

google is still number one for finding rare links / pics
Sat, Sep 10 2005 15:02
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is good
Tue, Sep 13 2005 9:59
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I get graet results with, but after viewing the first few I get redirected to some other pages.....remove redirects plugin in firefox does not help.

somebody can help me out?


Tue, Sep 13 2005 15:22
cold capital of Finland
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Search-pages is now removed from mainpage links - it was ok when I checked & put it there, but now all results seem to redirect to popup-hell. Wonder what happened... Hmm [^o)]

Oh, and those redirects are basicly unfair way to "trade traffic" - give some clicks to trade partners that are then oblicated to return the hits.

Wed, Sep 14 2005 0:12
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I noticed it too after I sent this link.
It was great before then.
Oh well, I guess another good search goes to hell :(
Thu, Oct 27 2005 16:03
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If you want real hot and free pic's of chicks don't google but go too

and search for pictures and just type the girl you want too see, and click the Offensive content filter OFF.

click on the link below the picture, and if you are lucky you will get the whole album

have fun....!!!!Big Smile [:D]

Thu, Oct 27 2005 16:45
sunny south coast
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Thanks for that LudeboyYes [Y]

DrumCool [H]

Thu, Oct 27 2005 16:54
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Works great !!! Already in 1 case found things which I didn't with AskJolene.

Thanks v.m.!

Yes [Y]

Sun, Oct 30 2005 13:31
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Good Stuff! I salute you!
Mon, Nov 28 2005 20:38
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hey guys..i'm kinda new here but i tried putting the search url i was looking for in:

and each link i tried i had no pop ups and went straight to the page...i'm using firefox too..let me know if that helps.

and tip2... once annoymouse opens the link, clear the annoymouse... bit at the front up untill the next http;// point of the url and the link will download much quicker... bit of a pain but well worth it:)
Tue, Nov 29 2005 16:02
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I sometimes use

It is not as good as askjolene but it sometimes gives sites that are not on askjolene.
Thu, May 4 2006 1:03
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I thought it might be great to share tips we've found help us fid stuff we are looking for.

The favorate thumbs thread has some good places to look.

When a thumb leads to geat stuff, I try a couple things. If the site seems to have a number in it that seems part of a sequence, I'll increase or decrease the number, date, etc to see what I get. This often leads to hundreds of similar pages many of the same girl, or at least from the same site. If this doesn't work, I try a google search on as much of the main pages address as seems to be standard. I do the search in quotes and if the results are too large, sometimes limit it to searches in the URL. This works well for pages that have (appearantly) random numbers & letters in the address to disignate a particular page.

Great sources to find more on a particular girl or site include Modeshrines, Freeones, and eurobabeindex all of which are frequently linked to Peachy. I recently discovered that the last line on each girls eurobabeindex page ("your comment/Rate this babe") has pages of comments with links to free sites, downloads, etc. Thas has been a great find. BTW, I didn't realize Peachy18 had a forum, with links, etc for 6 months; I just found it as a good thumbs page.

Are there any other sites you have found are great? Or do other common sites have posting areas like this that may not be obvious to a newbie? Please share your ideas.



Thu, May 4 2006 7:18
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As I listed in a previous post, using "make numbered list of links" and "thumbs" extensions will greatly speed up the process of increasing/decreasing numbers...

Also visit Best pure porn search engine I've ever come across. Even allows you to save your favorite galleries as bookmarks within the site once you have an account.
Wed, Jun 28 2006 5:45
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You can also try looking up your favorite actresses at

Pretty much anything I've ever looked for is available from a bittorrent tracker, and indexed on that site.

Mon, Jul 17 2006 20:20
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Some of these have already been mentioned, I'm just breaking it down and adding for the noobs...

Identifying and/or locating more of a specific model or porn star:

1. Identifying:
A. Check the Vids or pics for a watermark, sometimes there’s a name there, and read the text on the web page. You might find a name there that could be of use.
B. Go to the actual website. A lot of times you can at least come up with a first name or alias by visiting the site. Take the tour, or sometimes they have an index of models.
C. If all you have is one pic and no clue, ask here in requests ;-)

2. Finding more with a known ID:

A. Type the first and or last name into a descent searchable TGP. I find these ones worthy:

3. Finding more without a known ID:
A. Use Google, porns best friend… Who’s hosting the gallery? Example (Even though there‘s a clear ID here):

By looking at the URL it’s obviously that might have more of her. So enter into Google’s search “site:” - Without the “quotations”.
You get results for several websites such as Monsters of Cock, CumFiesta, Euro Sex Parties ect. Now she could be on those sites as well but we want to narrow it down to First Time Auditions.
Take a look at the example URL as well as the ones provided in google, each link from is followed by the individual site folder. In this case /fta is first time auditions.
Enter into Googles search “site:” Again no quotes.
This time you get over 100 results from google just for First Time Auditions.
Askjolene and Magicteapot are also pretty good site search engines. You can type first time auditions into ask Jolene and get several results, and you can use these results to obtain more sites like facegoo for Google.
Tip: For magicteapot when searching for .com sites use the for: command preceding the site address.

Sometimes if you do know her name you can include it after your Google query proceeding a space, but in this exact case you’ll only get two results both containing duplicate vids.

4. More about Google and Firefox:

By now your most likely thinking “Is this guy fuckin nuts!?” Who wants to click through hundreds of text links in Google?! Unless your using firefox with the thumbs extension. For those of you who don’t know, the thumbs extension takes any list of text links linking to a gallery (including vids), and generates a separate page of nothing but thumbnails of the first image from the page. A MUST HAVE IMO!
Tip: I think ActiveX and Java leak through when thumbs accesses a site so you may want to disable them before you use it. That or have your firewall handle it. I’m not 100% sure but I’ve been using it for years without a problem.

I got mine from here a long time ago:

And has a most likely more current version:

I could go on all day lol, but this is enough for now. If anyone has any questions feel free to PM…

Fri, May 18 2007 14:31
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Guys, can u write some pictires seeking sites?

For example, and so on.

Fri, May 18 2007 14:56
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Fri, May 18 2007 19:50
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this question gets asked here now and then, and i've just merged four threads i could find on it. scroll back for more tips, especially Hunter27's advice on using google.

i didn't see mentioned but for me it's right up there with askjolene and often better. only problem is when you click on a result the pxeek banner is on top. you can click "remove frame" to get rid of it and get the actual URL of the result.
Fri, May 18 2007 20:09
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Nice merger Thumbs up! Maybe sometime I’ll put all this info into a single post and add some more up to date information. Pxeek is a great TGP search engine that has somewhat recently come into the light, though I don’t much care for the fact that you need to close the banner to get the real URL either. There’s a way around that, maybe I’ll talk about it soon.
Mon, Jun 11 2007 8:45
Doctor Floggin
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Another search engine, and one that I like is . It gets some good results but still tends to rely on the gallery's description rather than what might be in it's url or name. That's when an advanced search through Google or Yahoo may still be best.
I just used the affore mentioned and although the results were good, the url of what you find is always hidden, so you can then search the results for more pics.

You might be surprised how many 16 pic preview galleries are hosting 20 pics or more. Just by changing the url to "/017.jpg" may reveal additional pics that were otherwise not available.
Wed, Jun 20 2007 19:04
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just found a new one:
i think its a very new one and needs to grow a little bit, but the concept seems to be very interesting
Fri, Jun 22 2007 15:31
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SO what do you do when the site that the model you are looking for was on no longer exists, and redirects you to another site?
Sat, Jun 23 2007 1:56
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SO what do you do when the site that the model you are looking for was on no longer exists, and redirects you to another site?

depends on what you mean by "the site". if you mean the actual site she was on, best of luck to you. probably went out of business for various reasons. if you mean tgp (thumbnail gallery post) sites, we have at least a couple redirect tips threads.



i recommend doing a search first before posting. i searched "redirect" to find those threads. as the thread is titled now (search engine tips) this is kind of off-topic. though we're always open to ideas about how to provide access to surfing tips in the best way possible.
Thu, Jun 28 2007 3:38
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Mon, Oct 22 2007 18:36
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good for searching other forums and blogs

Mon, Nov 19 2007 0:08
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Yeah Jolene is good, but recently when you hit deep search and use "title" it's turnsup some weird shit, for instance when I do a search for We Live Together I get tons of gayintheshell stuff, ugh! hope it isn't going the same way as Google Images went since 2006.


Fri, Dec 28 2007 17:24
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There's some good sites on here guys, thanks. Not sure why I never tried this before.

These sites seem to work the best for me:
Tue, Jan 1 2008 18:41
North America
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SO what do you do when the site that the model you are looking for was on no longer exists, and redirects you to another site?

I just saw this old question.

If you know quite precisely : the URL of your site, the year and month (and week if possible) of the gallery you are looking for, you can try the waybackmachine.

It is free on the net. I won't try to give any technical explanations they do it on the site. Right now you need to be lucky to get yours but they find more and more archives.

So I always try there and I did find the gallery sometimes.

Mon, Feb 11 2008 19:07
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Just wanted to let everyone know that the latest version of has a built-in slideshow viewer for new photo galleries (meaning, any galleries from February 1st and newer). It should work for just about any site in Firefox or Internet Explorer, and it works for *some* sites in Safari (Safari has a bug in it's meta-refresh implementation, so it doesn't work for all galleries).

That counts as a Search Engine Tip, right? ;)

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